Business Advice

With so much business information out there, it’s hard to know what’s important, relevant and correct. Sorting through what you need to know is crucial. We can help you do that.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

That’s the big question - can I be a successful business owner? If you’re wondering whether you have what it takes to run your own small business, download this guide and take the Entrepreneurship Quiz to find out.

Getting Started

Want to turn your business idea into reality? Start off on the right foot by following these important business start-up steps.

Business Planning


You’d never start out on a trip without a roadmap, right? Apply that same philosophy to business. A solid Business Plan can be your idea’s roadmap to success!

Video Guidance for Business Planning Canvas - Part 1


Video Guidance for Business Planning Canvas - Part 2

Entrepreneur's Toolkit

Have a specific question or looking for resources to help you develop your business idea? We've gathered the best resources and placed them in one handy location. Find information about business loan options, market research tools, loan payment calculators, and more - You’ll find information to answer your business questions here!

Also, many CF offices have in-house business library materials available for client use. Books, audio CDs and videos can be borrowed or used at the CF office. Contact your local CF office for titles and availability.

SK Biz Grid

Saskatchewan’s entrepreneurial community is strong, vibrant, and full of organizations that assist entrepreneurs and small and medium sized enterprises in every stage of growth. SK Biz Grid offers a one stop searchable database to direct entrepreneurs to service providers at all stages of their business. Learn more at:

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