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Start the Year with a Motivated Team

  • January 3, 2019
  • Written by Meridian Admin

The New Year can herald a new beginning for the relationship you have with your employees and the relationship they have with you and your company. It’s the start of a new year, your employees are returning from some quality time with their family hopefully, and if you’re not careful they will drift back to work with the same degree of enthusiasm as when they left last year. That might be fine, if you have a highly motivated staff but wouldn’t it be great to kick it up a notch anyway?

January is a perfect time to let your staff know what your vision is for the coming year and make some commitments to them. And of course, get them to renew their commitment to you and your company.

So, call a team meeting of all your employees. To make it easy, here’s a few ideas for the agenda.

  1. Review your vision, goals and objectives for the year and outline how each member of the team can play an integral part.
  2. Review the progress you made towards your goals last year.
  3. Recognize how your employees have helped you get to where you are today. Talk about how individual members of the team have contributed to the company’s success to date.
  4. Encourage them to be part of the discussion and to put forward ideas on growing the company and reaching departmental and interdepartmental goals.
  5. Let your team know what’s in it for them if the company reaches its goals.
  6. Commit to keeping them informed regularly as to the company’s progress.
  7. Discuss potential gaps in knowledge and skills. Ask if anyone needs additional training or management assistance. When you provide the proper training and support to employees and then let go so that they can do their jobs, you increase their independence and ability to take more ownership of their role. This leads to retention, which is more money in your pocket.
  8. Talk about empowerment and trust. Discuss allowing them greater independence to do their job without being micromanaged. They will be more accountable, more productive and happier in their jobs.
  9. Increasingly, employees value flexibility above higher salary. Flexibility is motivating and shows you trust your employees. If your workplace is one where flexibility around hours or location are not possible, find ways to be flexible within your required business parameters and your employees will respond positively.
  10. Brainstorm random ideas for the coming year with no holds barred. Let your team’s creativity lead the way and have fun.
  11. Arrange to meet one-on-one with each employee (this may depend on the number of employees you have – but in a larger company, senior managers can assist). Rather than this being an employee evaluation treat this as an opportunity for your staff to feel safe in telling you how you are doing. This exercise will enable you to quickly evaluate how motivated individuals and the team in general are at the beginning of this new year.
  12. Make the meeting a celebration. Start the year off celebrating what you are planning to achieve during the coming year. This can be as simple as ordering Chinese takeaway or as exciting as an outdoor team-building exercise.

You can use all these ideas, or just a few of them. The key to starting a new year off well is to motivate your employees by showing them you care about them and appreciate their input in helping make your company bigger and better in 2019.

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