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What would we do differently?

  • June 4, 2019
  • Written by Meridian Admin


Reflection is a good practice and a good habit to incorporate into your day. It does not have to be an intensive time commitment or too onerous, it can simply become a habit of looking back for a short period in order to determine ways to move forward.

Questions can provide us with a wonderful way to focus on our reflection and help guide us to more positive outcomes. Here are a few questions we might ask ourselves when we reflect on a situation.

  • If we had the chance to go back, what would we do differently?
  • What have we learned from the situation?
  • Looking back, who could have helped us?
  • What is familiar about this?
  • What was important for us?

“Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.” Yvonne Woon, Author

And here are some questions to help us move from reflection to action.

  • Is there a way we can take a step back and start over in part or completely?
  • What next steps do we need to take?
  • What is holding us back?
  • What has worked for us in the past?
  • What will remain important about this situation, six months or a year from now?

“Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous.” Confucius

Asking ourselves some wise questions may lead us to look at things from a different perspective. The questions we ask will assist us in learning from our past and provide us with better answers for the future.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Søren Kierkegaard, Danish Philosopher

With due reflection we can strive for continued improvement, for better outcomes, and for greater success in attaining our goals.

Paul Abra, Certified Executive Coach

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