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6 Ways Charisma Can Sell People On Your Company

  • April 4, 2017
  • Written by Meridian Admin

For many small-business owners the line between them and their company is almost indistinguishable. To a large extent we are what we portray and that goes for the company we represent too. Even with major corporations, often the company’s image is closely tied to that of the owner; think Apple and the late Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg, and few can think of Bill Gates without thinking of Microsoft, even though he now owns less than 5% of the company.

But what about the local plumber or financial adviser you meet at a networking event? If they are friendly, exude confidence, intelligent, knowledgeable are you more likely to use their services? Of course! If their reputation has been tarnished in some way, that too will rub off on their corporate image.

If you look at successful people, what they almost all have in common is charisma; there’s something about them that exudes charm. They are really pleasant, open, warm, amusing people and we are drawn to them; they make us feel better about ourselves. But, is charisma something we are born with, or is it something we can learn? Research has shown it’s a little of both. Charismatic people display a series of traits that win people over. Adopting the following traits will raise your charisma quotient significantly.

1. Nothing works better than showing enthusiasm when talking about your company, or what it sells. Enthusiasm is contagious and charming; more so when it is natural rather than wrapped up in a sales pitch. Passion is charismatic!

2. Self-belief goes hand-in-hand with charisma – it’s hard to be charismatic if you don’t believe in yourself. Are you good at what you do? Are you honest? Do you always do the best for each and every customer? If so then you certainly have every right to believe in yourself.

3. It’s okay believing in yourself, but you also need to believe one-hundred-percent in what you sell. If, hand-on-heart, you are not completely committed to your product or service look long and hard at how you can improve what you sell so you can be.

4. If you start truly believing, your personality will begin to bloom and your confidence levels will increase and in turn you will become more relaxed around people.

5. Charismatic people exude positive body language. They have strong handshakes, they make and hold eye contact, they smile, they have spatial awareness. These are people that never stand too close, or too far away. They know just the right moment to gently put a hand on your arm, or shoulder. In short, they understand people. Google “Behavioral Styles” and learn how to recognize patterns of behavior or habits in people that are characteristic of specific individuals. This is something that can easily be learned and will help you become far more charismatic.

6. People warm to people who take a genuine interest in them, who really listen to what they are saying and come back with something relevant to what they are saying rather than something that simply furthers their own agenda. On the other hand, charismatic people are good conversationalists too; they are up to date with world and industry news, they have humorous anecdotes to fit a wide variety of situations and are generally knowledgeable.

A word of warning: don’t mistake charisma for fake; most people can spot a phoney a mile off. Successful people that survive long-term are authentic, genuine and display integrity. These traits are the foundation of true charisma.

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