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Our Privacy Officer can be reached by mail at P.O. Box 357 Tisdale, SK S0E 1T0; by telephone at (306) 873-4449, Toll Free at 1-888-586-9855; by Fax (306) 873-4645 or by e-mail at

Board Composition

Board members are nominated through the municipal system. There are 12 seats on the Board of Directors. The Newsask region is divided into nine zones and one member is appointed from the First Nations and from the Metis Nation, each serving a three year term. An additional seat is reserved for a Youth Representative, under the age of 30 (18-29 years of age), for a three year term. (All the same privileges) The Board of Directors is structured to provide representation from a cross section of all occupations and sectors of the regional economy. Each Board member shall be at least 18 years of age, in good standing in the community and a resident of the Newsask region for at least six months, and must have their principal place of business/activity in the Newsask region.

Municipal Councils and region/community organizations from each of the nine zones shall nominate Board members. Ballots are then forwarded to each community and R.M. located in that zone. Local band councils and/or district organizations of each representative group shall nominate representatives of the First Nation and the Metis Nation independently or collectively. All municipalities in the Newsask region are contacted to nominate the Youth Representative.

Zone 1 - Vacant
Zone 2 - Kathy Lindsay
Zone 3 - John Klyne
Zone 4 - Dara McMunn
Zone 5 - Gary Cleaveley
Zone 6 - Hazel Berg
Zone 7 - Cheryl Len
Zone 8 - Vacant
Zone 9 - Jeanine Holowatuik
Metis - Dianne Genaille
First Nations - Marcel McKay
Youth - Vacant

Board of Directors

Kathy joined the Newsask Board on November 25, 2015 representing Zone 2 and she and her husband, Rick reside in the town of Arborfield operating a third generation family farm. Previously Kathy worked over 18 years with the Royal Bank in Saskatoon before relocating to Arborfield. Since arriving in Arborfield, she has volunteered on various organizations which work effectively as joint ventures between Arborfield, Carrot River and Zenon Park.  She completed a term on town council as Deputy Mayor.

Kathy continues to spend her time volunteering with various organizations while balancing her time helping on the farm.

Dara McMunn joined the Newsask Board on June 15, 2017 and is representing Zone 4. She was a Delegate for Affinity Credit Union for four years, spent ten years on the board for Star City Minor Sports, eight years on the Star City School Community Council, and has belonged to numerous other committees and boards with a focus on community development throughout her years working for three different Regional Colleges.

She previously worked in various senior management positions including Executive Director, Director of Programs, Director of Development and Director of Human Resources at Cumberland College, Parkland College and Prairie West Regional College for 24 years. She currently owns and operates a grain farm near Star City with her husband.

Gary is from Tisdale and joined the Board in April 2014 and is Newsask’s Zone 5 representative.  Gary is a current K40 member and current Board member for Tisdale Minor hockey.  He is a former Kinsmen member and refereed hockey for 25 years.   He is a past coach for hockey and baseball and was on the provincial SIAST advisory board and Board member for OPET for 15 years.  Gary is married, has two grown children and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

John Klyne joined the Newsask Board on April, 2014 and is representing Zone 3. He works for Gabriel Dumont Institute based out of Nipawin but covers Northern Region I, Eastern Region I & II. He has sat on many different boards in the Region; Shore Gold Board Member, Nipawin Ethanol Plant Subcommittee member, Frist Nations and Metis Steering Committee (Cumberland College) as well as a Steering Committee member of the Nipawin Oasis. John is a single parent raising a teenage son.

Hazel Berg joined the Newsask Board on May 12, 2017 and is representing Zone 6. She is a former Outreach Manager, North East Outreach and Support Services, Social Worker, Child and Family Service Supervisor, Ministry of Social Services and farmer.  She is the CASW representative on council at the Saskatchewan Association of  Social Workers and board member of the Canadian Association of Social Workers.

Cheryl Len joined the Board on March 31, 2017 representing Zone 7 and she and her husband Ken reside in the town of Kelvington operating the Sportsman Motel.  Cheryl worked with Mosiac Marketing and was a crew leader for Census 2016.  She has volunteered for many positions including Medical Advisory Board, Economic Development Committee and Town Council from 2005-2011 including Deputy Mayor. 

Jeanine was nominated to the Board November 24, 2017 representing Zone 9.  Jeannine is currently the Community Development Director with the Town of Hudson Bay, and previously was an employee of the NE Enterprise region.  Jeanine’s community services include the Chamber of Commerce, Regional Park board member and Community Theatre Board member. 

Marcel currently works at Red Earth NCCFS Prevention Worker.  He previously worked on the YES Program and as Principal in Red Earth.  Marcel participates in Prevention and Intervention Programs for the Red Earth Community.

Dianne Genaille was born and raised in Saskatchewan and has been a resident of Tisdale for the past 27 years. She has a Business Administration Certificate and is also certified as a Special Care Aide and Recreation Therapist. She has worked for the Kelsey Trail Health Region since March 1988 and during this time served on the CUPE Union as a Vice President and Steward. She has also worked as a Recreation Coordinator for Tisdale Housing Authority and was instrumental in setting up recreational programming for Tisdale and area.

Dianne is the President of the Tisdale Metis Local and she sits on the Metis Eastern Region II Board, as well as past Board member of Infinity Development Corporation. She has been a member of the Metis Nation since 1970 and has worked in the organization as an Aboriginal Family Alcohol Counselor.

Dianne is pleased to sit on the Community Futures Newsask Board as the Metis representative.