Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

The Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) helps people with disabilities or health conditions start or expand businesses in rural Saskatchewan. This program is open to anyone with a viable business idea who has a self declared disability or a health condition.

Our Services

One to One Business Consultation
If you are planning to start a business or already have a business, we can help. We can meet with you to discuss your business needs.

Business Plan Development
We can assist you in creating your business plan.

Business Resources
We can direct you to available resources and business training with our offices or in the community.

Access to Repayable Loans for Viable Businesses
Community Futures organizations are a source for small and medium sized business loans. Community Futures offices have loan dollars up to $150,000 for viable business ideas.

If you have a disability or a health condition, please let us know. There are supports available to assist you.

For more detailed information, please contact your local Community Futures office.   Call: 1-877-851-9997

COVID-19 Support Services

Has your small business been impacted by COVID-19? Community Futures is here to help!

The Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program is providing COVID-19 Support Services. Funding is available for rural entrepreneurs to access professional services to maintain or reopen their business.  

Once approved, funding is paid directly to the service provider/contractor only.  All service providers/contractors must be registered businesses and must provide their business number. Funding for this program will be capped at $750 per business. 

Eligible services can include:

A) costs to move your business online such as

  • graphic designers,
  • web designers, 
  • IT supports,
  • E-commerce

B) marketing assistance or one to one training to promote your business

  • Brochure/flyer design
  • Logo design
  • Social media set up & social media content creation
  • Video creation
  • Photography

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Community Futures Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program